God never intended for any of us to live our lives alone.  Whatever problem you may be facing right now, God knows exactly what it is, and there are people who can help.  That’s why we’re here.

To begin this process, please complete the form below.  

Resources below are just a few of what we will use in our counseling.



Why do I have to fill out a form?  

The application provides vital information for your counseling sessions.  It also eliminates the first session from being only an information gathering time. 

How long is a normal session?

Please plan on 60-90 minutes for your session. Some sessions may be shorter or longer, but this is an average time frame.

How frequently will appointments be scheduled?

Typical counseling schedules meet one time weekly.  This allows the counselee adequate time to complete homework assignments.

Why is there homework?

This allows you to every day apply the biblical truths that your counselor has shown you in your session. It could be compared to going to physical therapy. Just as your physical therapist gives you exercises to do at home in between your visits because the exercises reinforce the therapy, your homework from your counselor will also reinforce the biblical truths from your session.

What is the cost?

There is no cost, but you are responsible for cost the of materials (i.e. books, CD’s, etc…).

Is Childcare available?

No. Because of the wide ranges in children’s ages and timing of appointments, we cannot provide childcare.

Do male counselors meet with females?

To be above reproach in every way, it is the discretion of the counselor to decide.  If they choose not to meet with a female counselee in a one-on-one setting, another female will join each session.  This could be a lay-leader from the church, or the wife of the counseling pastor.



  • Counsel For Couples
  • Tying The Knot – Green
  • A Christ-Centered Wedding – Catherine Parks
  • Should We Get Married? – William Smith


  • Biblical Principles Of Sex
  • Tripp’s book
  • Sex & The Supremacy Of Christ
  • LosingThat Loving Feeling
  • The Exemplary Husband – Scott
  • The Excellent Wife  Peace

Men’s Topics

  • Finally Free
  • Passions Of The Heart

 Women’s Topics

  • Peacemaking Women – Barthel & Dabler


  •  Children
    • Give Them Grace
    • Faithful Parent
  • Teens
    • Age Of Opportunity
  •  Prodigals
    • The Painful Path Of A Prodigal  


  • Dark Clouds Deep Mercy
  • Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow – Nancy Guthrie
  • Walking With Jesus – Kelleman


  •  How To Be Free From Bitterness
  • Peacemaker – Ken Sande

Growing Closer to God

  • After You’ve Blown It – Lutzer
  • Gospel Primer – Vincent
  • Spiritual Disciplines – Whitney

Counseling Information Form

You can fill this application out online, save it and email it back to OR you can either mail the form to the church address (Attn: Pastor Randall Davenport) or you can drop it off at the church at your convenience.

Randall Davenport