Sunday morning Bible study (Sunday School) is a great FIRST step into the life of FBCLC. These groups meet on campus 9-10am each Sunday. We have groups for all age groups, even a nursery. We are trying to provide the best opportunity for your family to learn the Bible in community with other people and begin meaningful relationships within the church family.

  • Pre-K-THOMAS-A118
  • 3Yr Olds-KENT-A113
  • 2Yr Olds-HATFIELD-A104H
  • Toddlers 1-NORWOOD-A104D
  • Babies-AMANNS-A104B&C
  • 5th Grade-BUTLER=A121B
  • Fourth Grade-COFFEY-A117&119
  • Third Grade-DYE-A126A&B
  • Second Grade-SARTIN-A112
  • First Grade-JENKINS-A114
  • Kindergarten-STANLEY-A120
  • Special Needs Kids-CLEMMER-B114
  • 7/8th Grade Boys-PIERCE/STAMPER/A232C
  • 7/8th Grade Girls-LINGINFELTER-A232D
  • 6th Grade Boys-SNOBLEN-A232B
  • 6th Grade Girls-SNOBLEN-A232A
  • College-FREELS-A220
  • Senoirs-SIMMONS-A213
  • Juniors-ADAMS/POWLEY-A215
  • Sophomores-HELTON-A219/
  • Freshmen-STAMPER-219
  • Young Adult-FREELS A220
  • Young Women’s-PARK A209A
  • Co-Ed-DAVENPORT 211B
  • Co-Ed-BOALS A226
  • Co-Ed-QUILLEN-A206
  • Co-Ed-HARPER-A222
  • Co-Ed-INGRAM-A208B&C
  • Co-Ed-MARTIN-A214
  • Co-Ed-STIVERS-A216
  • Co-Ed-WILLIAMS-Choir Room
  • Co-Ed-WRIGHT-A201
  • Men’s-PARK-A203
  • Women’s-TURNER-A204A
  • Co-Ed-DAVIS-B020C
  • Co-Ed-S.SIMS-B020B
  • Co-Ed-STRUNK-B020D
  • Co-Ed-JORDAN-B022/023
  • Co-Ed-LYNN-B036
  • Co-Ed-SCHRADER-B014
  • Co-Ed-WOLFE-B020
  • Men’s-RENO-B008
  • Women’s-CRAWFORD-B013
  • Women’s-NELSON/RANDALL-B025/027
  • Co-Ed-SMITH-B034
  • Co-Ed-TINNEL-B016
  • Men’s-MCNABB-B032
  • Women’s-HILL-B007
  • Women’s-LITTLETON-B010
  • Women’s-WAMPLER-B033
  • Co-Ed-CLEMMER-B114

Small groups meet on-campus and off-campus on different days and times. These groups are good for building deeper, personal relationships with others in your church family. These studies tend to be more specific to topics of interest for each group.

Some small group schedules change for summer. Please email dcrass@firstbaptistlc.org or contact the church office for more information.

Senior Adult Bible Study led by Dr. Dick DeMerchant in Fellowship Hall A. Various additional Senior Adult groups meet in the Prime Time Area at 5:00pm. For more information call the Prime Time Office,

Co-Ed Group led by Scott Levin off campus at 5:00pm.

Co-Ed, Multi-generational Video-based Bible Study at the home of Henry & Nancee Becker at 6:00 pm.

Co-Ed Group led by Ken & Cindy Duncan in room 220 at 6:00pm.

Devotion, Prayer, & Basketball led by Jonathan Boals in the Gym at 5:00pm.

Women’s Bible Study led by Carrie Morton in Room 226 at 5:00pm.

REFIT® will transform your life through co-ed cardio & toning exercise followed by devotion & prayer.
Meets in the Gym at 6:00 pm.
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REFIT® will transform your life through co-ed cardio & toning exercise followed by devotion & prayer. Meets in the Gym at 6:00 pm.
Find Us On Facebook

Women’s Bible Study Group at 9:30am in room B14.

Video-based Bible Study led by Priscilla Hill at 6:00 pm in room 222.

REFIT® will transform your life through co-ed cardio & toning exercise followed by devotion & prayer. Meets in ROOM 204 6:00 pm.
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Men’s Bible Study led by Donny Crass at 7:00am at Bojangles in Lenoir City. For more information call or text 865-660-2398 or  dcrass@firstbaptistlc.org

Women’s Bible Study, Girls of Grace at the home of Lisa Hale at 6:00 pm

IF : TABLE, Two hours, four questions, six women. This monthly event offers the space and conversation-starting resources to let women love one another, flourish together, and celebrate the joy of community. For a group near you contact Sabrina Stamper.


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Here is the place for you to seek information about a resource, ask a question concerning what the Bible says about something you are dealing with in your life, or to seek a one-on-one conversation.   Discipleship coaching is intended to provide you with instruction, encouragement, and accountability while you are living out your faith in everyday life.

Rev. Donny Crass

Discipleship Minister

“Lord, You are my portion and my cup of blessing, You hold my future.” (Psalm 16:5 HCSB)

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