The purpose of this campaign is to aggressively attack and reduce the indebtedness that binds the First Baptist Church of Lenoir City, Tennessee in order to position us, freely and without constraint, to pursue the wonderful future God has for us.

What's been happening...

      • March 23- Kickoff Sunday
        Children handed out prayer reminder dots in the morning worship service

      March 30- Students handed out prayer reminder tents

    • April 27- Commitment Sunday
    • May 18- Celebration Sunday



Our prayer for this campaign...

Heavenly Father, as You directed your church years ago to start a new ministry at this location, it is our prayer today that You guide our hearts to seek your will in determining our gifts to reduce the debt. We want to bring glory to your name and provide for the continuing ministries to our city and world by supporting this church with our resources and time. We want to enable this generation and future generations with the opportunity and means to reach the lost. You call us to be the stewards of your abundance and the caretakers of all You have entrusted us with. Help us always to use your gifts wisely and teach us to share them generously out of the gratitude of our hearts. May our stewardship bear witness to everyone of the love of Christ in our lives.


1. What is "Unchained?"
God first directed us to relocate from our downtown property over 25 years ago.
With the addition of our Worship Center, this has now been completed. But, in the
process, we incurred a form of slavery. Our current indebtedness is $6.9 million.
Just as it took the passover sacrifice to set the Israelites free from slavery in the Book of
Exodus, it will now take the obedient and willing sacrifice of God’s people to set us free
(become “unchained”) from this form of slavery that we are now in to this thing
called debt.
2. What if we didn't undertake this campaign?
Currently, our loan payment is $57,000 per month. At the rate we are making
payments, we will not pay-off this loan until 2027.
3. Why the urgency to pay it off?
This debt is hindering us from accomplishing some of the ministry God has called
us as His church to do. For example; if we were not making this payment, we could:
• sponsor a Loudon County Habitat for Humanity home at $30,000 per house
(currently we are budgeting this amount over a five year period)
• sponsor church plant in Denver, Colorado
• provide the salary for one pastor in India for one year ($1,800.)
• sponsor a church plant in Guatemala
• assist Baptist Adult homes in updating their
patient rooms at $5,000 per room
• assist Hope Resource Center with their annual budget needs (cuurently, $57K
would cover 6 months of operational cost providing for 960 individuals,
with 270 ultrasounds and 240 STI clients)
• purchase a walk-in freezer to hold perishable items for The Good Samaritan Center
• plus, many, many other ministries not yet laid before us.

4. What is our "goal?"
• CELEBRATION GOAL: $3.2 million
• CHALLENGE GOAL: $2.8 million
• COMMITMENT GOAL: $2.4 million

Total Number of Commitments = 355
Total Amount Pledged =  $2,704,456
Total First Fruits Offering Received = $303,376 

Around the campaign...
Prayer Team Director
Gary Perkey leads our
corporate prayer time.
Pastor Jack with
the children during
Children's Chat.
Students and children
handing out prayer
reminder dots.

Students handing out
prayer reminder tents.


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