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Specialty Groups
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As part of the Adult Worship Choir and Orchestra, individuals who are interested will have opportunities to participate as soloists, in ensembles, quartets, trios, and handbells. If you have an interest, please contact the Worship Department.

Spiritual Growth Assessment Process
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Your spiritual journey as a follower of Christ began the moment you admitted personal sin and placed your trust in Christ as Savior and Lord. From that point, until death or the return of Christ, you life’s call is to grow in Christlikeness. Accomplishing this challenging assignment requires growing in your understanding of what it means to be a Christian, expanding your personal knowledge of biblical truth, and applying daily what you learn. Thought the presence of His indwelling Spirit, God enables you to know, obey, and serve Him. The Spiritual Growth Assessment helps you think carefully about your spiritual development related to six specific spiritual disciplines; abiding in Christ, living in the Word, praying in faith, fellowshipping with believers, witnessing to the world, and ministering to others. After completing the assessment, please contact the Discipleship Pastor for guidance on growth opportunities.


Helping you Discover your Spiritual Gift - Ken Hemphill defines a spiritual gift as...“an individual manifestation of grace from the Father that enables you to serve Him and thus play a vital role in His plan for the redemption of the world." Peter Wagner defines a spiritual gift as...“a special attribute given by the Holy Spirit to every member of the Body of Christ according to God’s grace for use within the context of the Body.” Gene Wilkes uses this definition: "A spiritual gift is an expression of the Holy Spirit in the life of believers which empowers them to serve the body of Christ, the church." HERE is a Spiritual Gift test to help you discover your gifts. After completion, contact any FBC pastor to discover how you can use your gift.

Family Ministry
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Online Member Directory Members

  • Access the online directory by clicking here
  • Click here to request a password for online directory. Available for FBCLC members only. You must provide your address and phone number for verification.




Church Library

Location: The library is located across from the church offices.

Library Hours: The library is open whenever the church is open.

New books arrive monthly and are located on the set of shelves at the front of the library.  Also, check the library bulletin board for a list of the new books.

Checking Out Books
Please, when you check out a book, print your first and last name on the library card, stamp the card and the date due slip with the date stamp that is provided.

Do you know the library is computerized? We no longer have a physical card catalog.
Using the computer to locate a book on the shelf is very easy. The directions to access the card catalog are posted at the computer.

You will not be allowed to check out resources without being a member of the Library.  Please fill out a Library membership card if you are not a member.  The cards are at the Library desk.

Never visited our library? You will be pleasantly suprised at its expansiveness! There are books for children, juniors, teens and seniors. Books are available on many different topics: Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, Concordances, Biographies, Financial Matters, Family Issues, Missions, Cooking, Sewing, Crafts, Quilting, Decorating, Gardening, Magazines, Devotional Materials and many Christian Fiction Novels. We have DVDs for adults and children, Pastor Jackson's weekly sermons and the Wednesday night study of Revelation and books on tape.

Do you shop at Cedar Springs Christian Book Store? Bring in your original receipt to us and the library can redeem them for shopping bucks to purchase new books.

We gladly accept and appreciate donations. If we are unable to use the donations, we will pass them along to other church libraries.

You can also set aside new books that may can dedicated as a memorial book for a loved one.



Information on Cults





This Christians In Action resource page of First Baptist Church is dedicated to addressing social, moral, and ethical concerns, with particular attention to their impact on American families and their faith. We have provided links to Christian organizations web sites that address these issues. On each site, you can sign up to receive e-newsletters and action alerts so you can be informed on the issues that impact our faith and families. We have also provided the contact information of our elected officials (federal and state). As issues arise, you can contact each official to voice your support of Biblical values that concern our faith and families.


Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (Of the Southern Baptist Convention)
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Family Action Council of Tennessee



Focus on the Family Action Center Citizen Link
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American Family Association
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Family Research Council
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National Liberty Journal



Plugged In Online
Entertainment review from Focus on the Family



American Center for Law and Justice
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PDF Downloads

Guidelines for Political Activities by Churches and Pastors


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